Is It Important Than Art? Essay

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Looking at today’s society many topics are deemed relevant, but are constantly changing. Today on December 1st, 2016 the biggest discussion people may be talking about is world hunger, environment, disease, or violence. If you were given one million dollars how would you split the percentage of money between these topics, including the arts. Many would suggest that the four pervious topic were way more important than art, giving the art topic little to no money. Art and fine arts have started to become less of a value to some people. After analyzing different sources about STEM, funding in schools, and how a passion can lead someone into what they truly want to do, one can see that the fine arts are still relevant in American society today.
Today’s society has a nonstop cycle of change. Most of this change is due to the increasing need for technological advances. America urges kid’s education towards specific technical skills in the field of STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math (Zakaria). As America dangerously narrows the path for the future it deceases the chances of fostering critical thinking and creativity within education. STEM contributes great components of education, but the humanities, English, philosophy, and so many more are just as important under the arts. Society focuses more on the people doing great things in the math and sciences, but what people forget is all the great poems, movies, novels, musicals, and operas we have seen or read. America…

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