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I had the pleasure of visiting the Brooklyn museum of art which is located at 200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn New York. The reason for going on this field trip was to observe an art piece the Egyptian gallery which is located on the 3rd floor of the museum and chooses a art piece and write a paper base on my observation, for my Introduction to Art 100 class. As a result, this essay will focus on Senwosret III Art piece I will give a clear description on the material and tools used, date and name of the art piece, details and descriptions of my observation.
Name and date of the piece:
I visited the Egypt Exhibit, from which I chose the artifact Senwosret III. I chose this impressive art piece, Senwosret because he was the most
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It was a very fascinating of the authentic antique by what I viewed. As a result, Sensworet III captures my attention the masterpiece is a representation of archaeological importance of human ingenuity. A man of noble appearance was outstanding, the way in which the sculpture was designed to depict a culture which arises from burden and excellent in an art piece. It was originated from the Egyptians strong belief in the afterlife and that emperors were God. Moreover, the Senwosret III has a striking resemblance of a human head, and a particular stylistic distinction. This monument facial feature was captivating, his lips were in a rounded shaped pursed position, with thick eyelids, the cheeks had deep line and wild-looking from prolonged suffering, his turban memes with its raised cobra frames a broad masculine face, the head cloth extends too far to the rear which covered the mere human shoulders and pleated shendyt kilt, and the bull's tail, visible between his legs. Beneath his feet is nine bows, symbolizing Egypt's enemies under his …show more content…
Senwosret III abolished the power of the provincial nobility when he removed the nome governors who had amassed hereditary powers and thus ended their threat to the throne. He also strengthened the annexation and colonization of Nubia, where he became the patron deity after his death” (Bunson 2012). Senworset III is considered to be perhaps the most powerful Egyptian ruler of the dynasty.. This type of statue represents the highest level of craftsmanship of that

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