Is It Important For Us Advocate For Our Society? Essay

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Agriculture is an essential part of our everyday life. As members of the Agricultural industry, it is critical for us to understand how broad our industry is and the many areas it encompasses. As United States citizens become more generations removed from the farm and Agriculture industry as a whole, we must prepare to advocate for our industry. We must understand what advocacy is, why it is important for us to advocate, and how to become successful advocators. It is beneficial to research how other colleges are advocating for Agriculture. We can implement what we learned through our research at Northwest Missouri State University.


Defining agriculture may be one of the most challenging tasks I have ever faced. Our Ag. Advocacy class defined Agriculture as an all-encompassing industry that is an integral part of everyone 's everyday life. Including the production of plants and animals for food, fiber, and fuel; the provision of agricultural supplies and services; and the processing, marketing, and distribution of agricultural products, our industry, from farm-to-plate, feeds more people today than ever before. The hardest part of defining agriculture is including all areas of our industry. Many people understand Agriculture as simply farming. As we should know, Agriculture is much more than farming. Agriculture is the process of producing food, feed, fiber and many other desired products by the cultivation of certain plants and the raising of domesticated…

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