Essay about Is It Changing For Better Or Worse?

1328 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
Think about what the world is going to be like twenty years from now; is it going to be the exact same? No, the world is constantly changing every day, just like people. Now ask this question, is it changing for better or worse? The world today has lost hope. The world has lost hope that there are people who will be brave enough to stand up and fight against the increasing climate and environmental crisis in today 's world. They assume they’ll be gone when it starts to really affect them, so why should they worry? Think about future generations of kids, they have to deal with what people today do to the world and have no choice in the matter. It’s up to people today to make a real change in the world.
Sandra Steingraber, ecologist, and cancer survivor, finds her passion in researching and writing about environmental effects on cancer. In her recent essay, “Despair Not”, she went in depth about how many childhood illnesses are linked to toxic chemicals being exposed to the environment. Steingraber wanted to raise awareness on this issue by targeting an “everyday people” kind of audience. The essay is an easy to read, easy to understand piece of work that got to the point very quickly. She states that the environmental crisis is like a tree with two main branches; one branch leads to what’s happening to the environment. The other branch leads to what’s happening to our bodies. Sandra Steingraber effectively put the use of ethos, pathos, and logos together to make her claim…

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