Essay about Is Immigration A Controversy?

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Is immigration a controversy? Is it a problem in modern day society? Do we really know over the outcomes of immigration? Immigration is not only a major topic in the United States but all the world. Immigration has its positive and researches also proven negative impacts. Which affect the people already there and the immigrants themselves also family, perhaps for life.
In the mid-1800s, Irish immigrants were labeled as indolent drunks, not to mention Roman Catholics. At the turn of the century; industrialization which imported many different people such as Poles,Italians, Russians, and Jews were told that they couldn 't be assimilated into the American way.(Cato Institute)
From then on as time advanced into what we call now our modern day society, immigration has help a big part in the economy and school systems. But little do we know the stresses that immigrants go through. Immigrant families have it pretty rough because starting a new life in a new environment.Learning a new language can be hard for anyone, especially if you 're not from that place. The united states is not really know to be multilingual, to get a job have to speak english, to get around you have to speak english. What many immigrants do is they take ESL classes, but trying to balance time between taking a care of your family and working is difficult, especially if not speaking in your native language. Additionally, raising children and helping them in school in a new, unfamiliar lifestyle. But children…

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