Is Friar Lawrence Guilty for the Untimely Death of Romeo and Juliet?

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Shakespeare's presentation of Friar Lawrence has meant that audiences are reluctant to blame him for what happens to Romeo and Juliet. How far do you agree?

I don't believe the deaths of Romeo and Juliet was only due to the actions of Friar Lawrence but also due to fate and other characters e.g. Balthazar and Romeo and Juliet themselves.

As a priest, Romeo and Juliet trusted Friar Lawrence with their lives and went to him when they needed advice and solutions. He was there for Romeo and Juliet throughout their lives, he was the one who married them, came up with a plan to keep them together, and was a friend to them throughout all their tragedies. Shakespeare shows Friar Lawrence in a very positive light and he is liked by the
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The undelivered message to Romeo is essentially not Friar Lawrence’s fault as he was not the one that was delivering it, it was in fact a quirk of fate that Friar John was locked up in a suspected plague house and could not deliver the message to Romeo in Mantua.

Throughout the whole novel, Friar Lawrence was kind and caring towards

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