Is Free Will Beneficial? Essay

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Is free will beneficial for humans to possess? In relation to Paradise Lost and the actions of Adam and Eve, free will did not benefit our ancestors; their independence did just the opposite. Through their freedom, Adam and Eve ate from the Forbidden Tree, disobeying their creator, God. The consumption of the fruit could have only been done through free will, since it allows an individual to act at their own discretion. This came with several consequences, like being banished from the Garden of Eden. In Paradise Lost, Milton did not justify God’s ways to man through the gift of free will, but instead incriminates God because free will is the cause of man’s downfall. God knew the outcome of His actions in this situation, but He still trusted Adam and Eve. This gift to the first two humans permitted them to make the decisions that expelled them from Paradise. The act of Eve using her free will to separate from Adam is one of the first steps into the collapse of man. Eve speaks to Adam saying, “Let us divide our labors, thou where choice leads thee or where most needs.” (9.214-5) Eve comes up with the idea of division of labor while completing her daily tasks. The division would be between the more crucial tasks or the ones each person enjoys doing best. She believes by doing this, both her and Adam would finish earlier. She acts on her idea and after some arguing with Adam, leaves him and travels to another part of Paradise. Eve is only capable of deciding to part from Adam…

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