Is Fluoridation A Clean Water? Essay

732 Words Jun 14th, 2016 3 Pages
Having clean water thought-out to be an essential human right, however, African American communities and neighborhoods come short-handed when talking about safe drinking water, reside close to waste-contaminated and infected beaches and lakes. Moreover, many African American neighborhoods live in and around urban cities. In such cities, the water system is more probably fluoridated compared to the suburb water system. It is notable through comprehensive research that fluoridation may lead to boost the levels of blood lead, raise the numbers of premature births and the spread of various disorders between kids. Also, low water quality is associated with greater amounts of complexities connected to development of diabetes and kidney disorders.
There are an impressive water systems in America today, built with advanced technology and economic strength. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy to mention how these water systems were not constructed equally across neighborhoods and communities belonged to certain minorities and ethnic groups, such as African Americans. Cities such as New Orleans and Detroit suffers from bias, inequity and one-sided treatment when comes to providing adequate and proper water systems to people. The recent water crises in Flint, Michigan is a crucial example of such inequalities in the United States.
Flint Michigan, went through a serious water crisis which was of epidemic scales. In 2015, the city of Flint started to notice the problem it is facing, since…

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