Fluoride Varnish Essay

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Introduction Everyday children are suffering from pain caused by dental caries. This decaying of teeth is the most common chronic illness among children and prevention is vital to their development. Fluoride varnish is a topical 5% sodium fluoride concentration applied to the surface of teeth twice a year in hopes to prevent these cavities. (Moyer, 2014) The purpose of this paper was to determine if fluoride varnish treatments are successful in the prevention of dental caries in children.
Pediatric Population Affected
The population at risk for developing caries due to lack of fluoride in the combined articles range from the first tooth eruption up to thirteen years of age. Families of low-income households also sustain a high risk for
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Information about how fluoride varnish is a concentrated form of fluoride that is applied directly to the teeth to help prevent caries is explained and written material is given stating the information discussed. Fluoride varnish treatment teaching information includes what the treatment includes, when it should be started, and how often it should be applied, risk associated, nutrition, and the healthcare team providing the care (Introduction to fluoride varnish for the patients). Initiation of therapy depends on individual cases, but should be continued twice a year for remainder of patients life. Parents and family members are allowed with patientchild for the entirety of the procedure. Nurses should educate parents that normal mouth care should start the following morning, and should initiate a basic introduction to nutrition focusing on the avoidance of food and drink that are high in sugar and sticky. The nurse should also teach the caregiver signs and symptoms of fluorosis and how to continue to monitor for it until age 8 (Lewis, …show more content…
First, it is important for the nurse to establish communication and develop a therapeutic relationship with the clients. The nurse should discuss and provide educational information and stress the significance of oral hygiene in children to help prevent dental caries. While educating the parents on oral hygiene, the nurse can highlight the benefits of having the child receive recurrent fluoride varnish applications and the importance of finding a primary pediatric dentist within the first year of life (Hallas et al.,

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