Is Equity Is Being Fair And Impartial. Efficiency Is The Quality Of Being Competent

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Equity is being fair and impartial. Efficiency is the quality of being competent. In Eveline
Adomait’s novel Cocktail Party Economics it shows us that they both go hand in hand, “Creating equity involves losses in efficiency, but economists (to a varying degree) see that as being worth it” (CPE, 114). In order to achieve efficiency, we need to eliminate the inequity’s in order to increase the markets and achieve a strong force in which we can apply work to the best of our abilities. With regards to public education, equity and efficiency should be strongly applied. No one’s race or gender should ever impact students and affect them being provided with a public education. Cocktail Party Economics says “The more educated a population the greater the engagement in civic duties such as voting and support of free speech, and the lower the crime rates” (CPE,140). When providing a strong public education, it not only creates a strong financial market for just the schools but for the city, as it increases civic duties and quality of life as well. A smaller crime rate increases the population which attracts more business for many companies. Public school testing such as EQAO, literacy test, and many other standardized testing is not necessarily efficient for Public schools. The testing can be seen as unfair to those students who come from a struggling financial background as they may not be able to afford text books, tutors or other resources that can affect their learning such as…

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