Is Empathy A Pro Social Behavior? Essay

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Commonly, empathy can be described as stepping into someone else’s shoes or seeing through their eyes. It is an ability to value and know what another individual may be experiencing or feeling. Psychologists call empathy a “pro-social” behavior. It is essential in building close relationships and maintaining friendships. Sadly, many people lack the skill to emphasize due to childhood trauma, detachment from others, autism, brain damage or other reasoning. The ability may not be present, although, it can be taught through example and practice. Individuals may find it hard to emphasize with anyone and in most cases empathy is impossible; “We all see the world through a different lens, experience life differently based on our prior cultural and familial experiences, and subsequently make different meaning of what we experience.” (Mark Krueger, April 2003, Para. #1) Even though sometimes unimaginable, empathy builds support, trust, as well as help understand others and create a better community. All these aspects can create a therapeutic surrounding for anyone.
Regarding CYC students and practitioners, they practice empathy often, which makes them better at what they do for a variety of reasons. When the workers and practitioners become capable of feeling what the individual they are working with is feeling, it helps create support and trust within their relationship. When feeling support, those in need will know they have someone to help them. When feeling trust, they will know…

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