Is Communication A Discourse Community? Essay example

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As technology is rapidly increasing, new forms of communication are being made. Communication is a big part of today’s world, and is especially plays a huge role in groups working towards a goal, known as a discourse community. John Swales defines a discourse community by, “groups that have goals or purposes, and use communication to achieve these goals” (Swales 220). Within a discourse community members use genres, different forms of communication, to get important information to others, which enables intercommunication throughout the whole group. Genres are a big part in a discourse community because it helps the group properly function, and can range from a various amount of things. In a certain bible study group I observed ,from the University of Oklahoma, their genres consist of Group Me, which is a messaging app, text messaging, email, and person-to-person communication. Communication is a vital part and is necessary for the bible study group and supports Swales criteria point regarding intercommunication. Without communication throughout this Bible study group it would cause the group to decrease in attendance and influence relationships with the members in a negative way. This paper demonstrates how a bible study group uses different genres to communicate with their peers in the group, how important intercommunication is for any discourse community, and that without communication in a discourse community the group would not exist.
While communication is imperative…

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