Is Brain Compatible Dance Education? Essay

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In their early years, children go through many stages of development to help them grow and learn certain skills to use as they get older. These developmental stages include the developmental movement patterns that healthy babies naturally move and communicate through during their first year of being alive. Brain-compatible dance education is a key part to aiding children in establishing these proper developmental patterns such as physical motor skills, cognitive skills, and emotional skills. Children need to have proper amounts of floor time during infancy to help them learn how to demonstrate strong movements. Infants who have adequate amounts of floor time during infancy develop stronger muscles and progress their motor skills.
How Children Develop
Children are very impressionable and susceptible to learning during their first few years of life. It is important to understand the developmental process and changes that happen in a child during this time and to help and guide them to achieve optimal motor skills and strong muscles. Fundamental movements are a key component to a child’s progress. Children each develop at different rates even though the main principles of human development are the same. “Children differ in physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth patterns,” (J. Ruffin, N. 2016) which indicates adults need to understand the developmental process and make sure the attention is given to the child where necessary. “Development refers to change or growth…

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