Motor Development Case Study

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Out of all the assignments listed for this first case study this one was going to be the easiest. I knew who I could observe and it fit my time frame of a busy college student. What interest me about this assignment was how thoroughly detailed it is, there’s a lot of information I had to gather to make the over all message and meaning clear. You don’t hear about the motor development in children anymore, it’s all about intelligence now. What level does he or she read; does he or she know the alphabet? So I wanted to take the advantage to see the different motor skills in the different age groups I observed to get a better understand of how important it is.


There wasn’t a difference between the two ages beside the
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They are also able to copies simple shapes, such as a cross or circle. The research for 5 years olds suggest that they are able to draw a person with a body, walk up and down stairs without help and have a hand preference. My results where straight on, the research matched up pretty well. My four year old was able to walk up and down the stairs using alternate feet, copy my circles and crosses and walk on a straight line with ease. My 6 year old drew a person with a body, no stick figure to be found. He had a favored hand preference (his right hand) and run a little further than before. They’re where a couple set backs that my results didn’t comply by, but I think it had to do with the environment. For instance my 6 year old descended the stairs only using his left feet and the research showed that 5 year olds are suppose to be using alternate feet. I don’t know if it was because the staircase was too steep for him and he use only one foot to be cautious just incase he fell. I could be wrong but the environment did play a role in my results.

As mentioned above the fine motor skills and gross motor skills where pretty consistent with the results. Comparing the fine motor skills and gross motor skills between the different age groups, I didn’t find a difference at all. There are a couple things the 4 year old couldn’t do such as
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At that age things are still growing and developing so there might be some task that three year olds can’t do yet compared to a 5 year old. The environment can also play a role as well; five to six year olds learn most of their gross motor skills in gym class. It’s where they learn how to skip and glop. So if a three year old was shown how to skip and do it on a regular bases, they might learn how to skip (or the movements). Along with growth the brain is also growing and learning new things. The brain might not fully understand how the leg is able to move like

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