Is Biotechnology A Specific Type Of Technology Based Off Biology?

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Biotechnology is a specific type of technology based off biology. With a wide variety of treatments it produces (over 250) its basic function is to better technology, products and treatments to help improve the human life, agriculture, energy and many other functions in the world. The earliest biotechnologist’s were farmers who started cross breeding plants and animals to find different types of species in both. Not knowing where these experiments will take them, but testing them out and seeing the end results, and it took off into more and more complex ideas and treatments. Cancer is actually just cell growth out of control. The cells cause development of tumors, which then will disrupt normal body functions. Tumors can come in a solid mass of cells such as breast cancer, or a liquid mass consisting of blood cells that have become cancerous such as lymphoma or leukemia. There are many types of cancers in the human life, over 100 recorded in the world. And still to this day no treatment has come about to fix and cure one of the leading causes of sickly death in the world. Doctors and scientists do not know what specifically causes cancer, what they do know is one of the reasons cancer is diagnosed is damage of the DNA cells. Some of the leading factors and risks are gender, age, family history, menstrual periods and much more factors. Being more likely to have breast cancer can be because of being overweight, not have children or having them late in life, smoking, and…

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