Essay Is Being A Teenager?

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Being a teenager takes the correlation of physical, emotional, and mental strength all to persevere and breakthrough and make it as a teenager. All the pressure from your parents, all the judgement and criticism and being in the shadow of an older sibling or an older family member. It 's the worst feeling ever teachers and professors are looking down upon you because you 're not having the same success as your sibling or family member had when they taught them, same goes for parents. However, parents they drive you to the edge of the world they expect you to surpass and exceed whatever an older sibling would do for instance, my sister Sana. On top of that, you 're just a 13 year old youngster who is still just getting the hang of it, and trying your hardest. Being a teenager is one of the most stress inducing parts of a person 's life I remember when I was 11 years old starting middle school at Middle School #4 and i was in the honors program and that was the same as my older sister Sana, and I had the same exact teachers as she did years ago.I was 11 years old starting middle school and she was 20 in the middle of her sophomore year in college It was a nine year age difference between us both.

There are four of us, my sister Sana, my brother, my younger sister, and then me, the pressure seemed to always be on me and sana. Because Sana and I just had higher expectations and my parents felt that we were the more responsible and humble of the bunch. Although still my…

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