Essay on Is Australia Protected Human Rights Of Asylum Seekers

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Research Question: “How has Australia protected human rights of asylum seekers in Immigration detention centers?”
My Research Project was motivated by a movie screening I had attended during Refugee Week. The film viewed was “Mary meets Mohammad” (2013), which documented the commencement of Tasmania’s first Immigration detention Centre in 2011. From this involvement I was inquisitive as to how alacritous Australia’s society is in supporting asylum seekers and refugees.
Having limited prior knowledge on this divisive social issue meant absorbing as much valid material possible was a prerequisite. Humanitarian Organization papers by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), government reports, textbooks, as well as varied news articles and interviews were construed analytically in order to achieve the inordinate understanding required. Through this extensive research I developed a greater understanding on Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers, practices of detention and alternatives to detention. My outcome was presented in a report concluding the results of these key findings.
Word Count: 143
Once choosing a general topic, I allocated guidelines around the forms of resources required. Subsequent to this was determining the length, depth and scope of my project. As, to comprehend this extensive subject matter I was obligated to assign limits to the broadness of my topic through the refinement of my topic question. Preliminary support…

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