Is Art A Necessary? Essays

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A very important part of the world 's greatest debate is whether or not art is a necessary subject to have in schools around the world. There are groups of people that tend to believe that art, music, dance, drama, and theater are a waste of time and do not teach you anything or lead to higher test scores, or IQ levels. Then there are the groups that believe classes which are considered extra curricular classes, such as art, are the classes that lead to higher test scores and greater IQ levels. In my own opinion, I think that art, drama, music, dance and theater are good things to have in school, and good ways to keep students involved. Reasons for schools to have arts in schools are greater test scores, involvement in school, and also enjoyment in doing the things that students like to do. Art classes are a very important thing to have in schools because of the things it teaches students. For example, drama or theater can give students a release, and it can get them out of the lives that they are living and into a new one for a little bit. Art can give you a chance to show your emotions and show other people what you are feeling and what is going on in your life at that point.

First, art should be in schools because it could lead to greater test scores. When students are allowed to go out and do the things that they love and want to do, and give them a chance to relieve all the stress in their lives for a little can make them a bit more focused and ready to do…

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