Essay about Is Animal Testing Wrong?

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Is Animal Testing Wrong? In the current discussions of animal testing, an important argument has been whether or not animal testing is wrong, considering that animals have feelings. One viewpoint is that using animals for testing is completely okay and important in human survival. From this idea, many people such as Heloisa Sabin believe that “without animal research, polio would still be claiming thousands of lives each year” (158). Basically, Sabin is stating that sacrificing animals for testing saves human lives. From a conflicting position, others insist that animal testing is inhumane and extremely cruel. In the words and ideas of Peter Singer, “It is a demand that we cease to regard the exploitation of other species as natural and inevitable, and that, instead, we see it as a continuing moral outrage” (133). According to this standpoint, humans need recognize and stand up for the rights of animals that are being abused and treated unfairly. Essentially, then the issue is whether people should be angered over the treatment of species in animal testing or okay with animals being abused and even killed in testing. My own viewpoint is that animal testing is exceedingly wrong and the amount of gruesome abuse an animal goes through in testing is appalling. Though I concede that in some situations, animal testing may be useful, such as in immensely important medical studies, I still maintain that it is unnecessary to make an animal suffer and be discriminated against.…

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