Is Airport Security A Process Of Traveling? Essay example

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If you asked the everyday citizen what their thoughts were on airport security, most would answer, "It 's such a hassle" or "The lines are ridiculous!" I know this because that is exactly what I would have said in the past. Flights have been delayed for hours due to long security lines, along with travelers even missing their flights. With this, it leads travelers asking, "What 's taking so long?" What exactly is airport security doing to in the screening process? Why is airport security a process of traveling? It is just a waste of time or are terroristic attacks really being prevented? A whole lot has changed in the world regarding traveling. According to the Global Terrorism Database, there have been over 104,000 terroristic attacks globally within the years of 1970 to 2011 and over 2,600 of these attacks took place in the United States. Innocent lives have been taken, and countries have turned against one another. Ever since more of these attacks have taken place around the world, laws have been implemented to improve the overall safety conditions while traveling. Now that laws have been put into order after the various attacks, yes, it will hopefully reduce the amount of these tragedies. However, my question is, why did it take a multitude of tragedies to occur for laws to be implemented. All these lives were taken, but it 's too late. Prior to boarding a flight, a traveler needs to go through a security screening process ran by the Transportation Security…

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