Essay on Is A Female Identity?

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assuming a female identity. Often Levy’s male informants would illustrate a point by saying “suppose you are a man and I am the woman and we have an argument”. Levy observed that sometimes “they would make me the woman and himself the man” (ibid: 235). Levy goes on:
“There are many other examples of minute crossovers in role playing by men. Tei’I Tui (Tahitian informant), for example, demonstrated the traditional method of giving birth to me and to his youngest children by pretending he was pregnant and sitting down on the floor in the proper position. He then asked his oldest sons to pretend to help him with the delivery. Other men, when talking about the nursing of a baby, showed how it was done by holding an imaginary baby to their own breasts” (ibid: 235). Examples of “crossovers” occur frequently and are almost never accompanied by any kind of anxiety. Levy showed great intrigue in the casual approach men took to these “crossover” roles and he continually questioned them about it, and received the same answer, “there are no differences” between male and female. Character, thoughts, moral characteristics and their life difficulties were thought of as being the same (ibid: 236). “Effeminacy” is a general rule that is accepted as common behavior for men (ibid: 133). Men who act macho are looked at as outsiders and considered unattractive. Levy agrees with Gauguin and Henry Adams that Tahitian men “seem a little bit feminine and the women a little bit masculine”…

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