Irony In Dulce Et Decorum Est

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Writers protesting war
Many if not all writers strive to use three major topics in writing their poem and that's imagery, irony, and structure. Without these 3 main topics in a writing a poem just would not be the same. In this short essay I will be describing how writers protest war using imagery, irony, and structure. Writers use imagery to protest war to allow readers to visualize what is occurring in more detail. In Wilfred Owen's “ Dulce et Decorum Est” Owens uses imagery to describe the pain soldiers felt the lethal gas. “ He plunged at me , guttering , choking, drowning.” (16) Stephen Crane is another author that uses imagery throughout his writing “ War is kind” he uses wonderful imagery to explain how a soldier felt as he died in
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In “The yellow birds” by Kevin Powers stated “ cowardice got you into this mess because you wanted to be a man …” (D) Powers is stating in this quote that a man was asked to go to war to fight for his country. Although he had cold feet to go he felt as though he had to go to war to become a man. Irony is not only found in writings it can be found in titles such as Wilfred Owen's “ Dulce et Decorum Est “ The title is ironic because is says war is sweet, when the writing states the complete opposite. Irony is found throughout most writings in Crane's “war is kind” he stated “ do not weep war is kind.” (4-5) He is speaking to a young child explaining war is not tragic but his writing says different. Many writers use structure to protest war. In Tim O'brien's “The things they carried” he says “Among the necessities or near necessities were p-38 can openers, pocket knives, heater tabs… two or three canteens of water.” (D) He is stating in the following quote , the things they need for war. Another quote O'brien uses in (C ) “ Because you could… Because the nights were cold.” In this quote he is listing some horrible things very nonchalantly. This is how many authors use

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