Irony, Humor, And Verbal Essay

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Many short stories have a manifold of juicy irony and twists in their plot sequences, which makes the text so much more entertaining. The writer’s are literally throwing all these curves balls at the reader that by the end of the story they’re completely blindsided by what they have just read. There are three types of irony these writers love to input into their short stories: Dramatic,Situational, and Verbal. These authors sprinkle these ironies into their work to express how a short story could be filled with such detail and care. These ironies often leave many of the readers confused or in suspense. To put it in a much simpler way of describing irony is sarcasm. Dramatic
Irony is what the characters or actions are clear to the reader but unknown by the character. Situational Irony is actions that have an effect on what is opposite from what garay3 was intended so that the outcome is as expected. Last,but not least, we have Verbal
Irony which is when a character says one thing but really means something else.
These novelettes also have plenty of symbolism for us as the readers to analyze their work. Symbolism is when a reader has to look beyond the written details of the texts,objects,and characters. A reader must be able to truly see why the author chose to use a specific location,object, or person. We often ask ourselves why the writer chose a certain name for a character,setting, or inanimate object. Everything the author uses in their short stories has a purpose and,or…

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