Ireland 's Long Journey On Abortion Essay

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Women have often suffered oppression from society and even by law women’s rights have always been controversial in terms of voting, occupation, and personal choices. This situation can be evidently seen in Ireland in which women do not have the option of abort in almost any circumstance because the church deems it as immoral. The government has made it illegal to have in abortion in the country of Ireland which directly affects women’s choices. in the In the article Ireland’s Long Journey on Abortion, Sadhbh Walshe explains the controversy that has risen from the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act of two thousand thirteen in Ireland.This newspaper article correctly portrays how women in Ireland are being deprived of of their right to choose weather to continue a pregnancy or terminate it. This act causes issues such as women’s rights and separation between church and state. Ireland is one of the few places that still is not a secular state. Church is a massive part of Ireland’s government, many laws are heavily influenced by Roman Catholic groups such as theh abortion act, which is also known as the Eighth Amendment in Ireland. This amendment “ …grants a fetus the same right to life as the women carrying it,” ( Walshe ). Many people speculate that the reason why the state has not done anything to revise this law is due to the fear of their re-election chances. This amendment can be looked at in two ways, giving a fetus the

right to live or depriving…

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