Essay Ir Iran On The Middle East And The Muslim World

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Nuclear Iran

Iran is one of the leading countries in the Middle East and the Muslim world. The controversial theocratic regime which has been leading the country since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, headed by Ali Khamenei, has been eager to develop and acquire nuclear weapons, despite scrutiny from the international community and the United States. Ever since the revolution took place and the new regime was established, sanctions were put in place against Iran. Even though over the years the country’s desire to acquire nuclear weapons has brought more sanctions, restrictions and worsen diplomatic relations with the world, Iran and its leaders did not give up and eventually managed to obtain them, according to intelligence reports. This act violates the Non-Proliferation Treaty of the UN and many consider it an act of aggression and provocation against the rest of the world. However, one must look beyond the conservativism of the international community and the UN’s treaty and realize that this act of defiance against the world could prove to be a guarantee for a peaceful future in the Middle East. In order for the United States to be able to take the right actions in this crisis, one must properly understand the current situation in the region and why Iran was so determined to acquire nuclear weapons. The country is located in one of the most unsettled regions of the world and is surrounded by neighbors who are either engulfed in a civil/terrorist war such as…

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