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Abstract Invisibility has long been employed in works of science fiction and fantasy, from “cloaking devices” on spaceships in the various Star Trek series to Harry Potter’s magic cloak. But physicists and engineers are beginning to think they can actually make devices with the help of these materials. To achieve the feat of “cloaking” an object, they have developed two kind of materials that being used for invisibility, what are known as metamaterials, some of which can bend electromagnetic radiation, such as light and thermal and also optical lens, that able to bend the incoming light ray from in order to around an object, giving the appearance that it is not there at all. Introduction
Definitions and Background
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Purpose and Audience The purpose of this paper is to study the materials used in invisible cloak and any related information regarding this topic. Throughout the paper, the materials used, the behaviour or the properties of the materials and also the limitations of these materials will be mentioned and discussed briefly. Moreover, this paper is intended for the technical experts like engineers and physicist. Moreover, this paper has been written with sub divided of technical properties so that the general public too can understand easily on how invisibility takes place.

Sources Some of the articles were obtained through the use of Western Michigan University’s online scientific journal database and few them from the online search engine like Google. All the collected journals were collected in ‘pdf’ files that will be submitted along with this paper in hard copy form. Almost majority of the sources came from, and

Working Definitions There are several terms in the paper that the reader might not be familiar with and that are the important concepts that enhance the discussions and conclusions that follow.
These include:
1. Invisible Cloak – a type of camouflage garment where it can hide the object that is covered by itself, like Quantum Stealth, where it bends the light waves

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