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The electronic industry was developed in the twentieth century and now they become a worldwide industry who earns billions of dollars for every year. Electronic devices are used by modern people in every field of life like use mobile phones and computers for their household and commercial needs. These devices are assembled in semi-automated and automated factories. Electronic industry products were assembled from the integrated circuits. With the passing of days the size of the electronics industry will enhance and they used Toxic material which were not
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History of Apple Inc.
Apple is one of the largest industry who develops and sells the computer software, personal computer, consumer electronics and services and it was established in 1976. Apple is one of the largest American global technology company and His headquarter is located in Cupertino of United States. Steve jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak was the founder of Apple Company. Tim Cook, Luca Maestri and Arthur D. Levinson are the CEO, CFO and Chairman of the Company. In 1980 the Company introduced Apple III to compete in corporate computing market and business with Microsoft and IBM. In 1984 the company launched the first personal computer Macintosh without a programming language. In 1991 Apple introduced the PowerBook to replace the Macintosh and earns millions of dollars. In 1991 to 1997 the Company faces loss due to high prices of their electronic equipment however company was return to profitability in twentieth century by providing variety of quality products with reasonable prices. In 2007 Company introduced variety of mobile phones and earns billions of dollars for selling Tab, Smart phones and Apple TV.
Due to rising revenue of the Company Apple inducted new employees in the company. The Company records communicates that 98000 employees were working in different

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