Essay Investigating Sediments From An Environment

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The projects purpose consists of investigating sediments from an environment similar to that of Mars. The analysis of grain size and shape of sand samples will then allow me to conclude on the trends of water existence in such sand. This is extremely important because it allows the development of knowledge that can be applied to Martian environments in the search for liquid water. The question guiding the project is as follows:
How does the grain morphology of basaltic analogue sands pertain to liquid water existence?
Reasons for choosing this topic area include my interest in space sciences and exploration, particularly in astrophysics. After hearing about possible research that could be undertaken as to the existence of liquid water on Mars from Mark Bishop my interest in the topic sparked. This led to my current research phase where I intend to prepare and complete a scientific investigation using an analogue sample from the United States. The first major activity in my project consisted of refining the project topic and question. This was extremely important because initially, I had three topic ideas. These include the analysis of physical data from Mars, researching obliquity related water existence, and the current topic of grain morphology analysis. Using a mind map, I refined the topic that I wished to focus on. The results of this indicated that the grain morphology analysis topic was more suitable because alternative topics were likely to be un-researchable as a…

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