Essay on Invencibility Systems Case Study

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Case Study Invencibility Systems

1- Besides the factors identified, what other factors should invincibility systems take into account in its HR planning?

At the moment Invencibility Systems has performed a very unique work on internal research, which has given a chance to its decision making managers to discover very individual aspects of the company. The firm’s research has looked at factors such as health phase out plan, marital status, age of employee, years at the company and job category to predict the future turnover rate and therefore forecast their hiring levels.
In addition to these factors, the company must also take into consideration sales numbers such as current sales as well as projected future sales growth as they
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The company can also create a stock option program for the higher skilled workers. This method, which is used by many firms around the world increases the employee sentiment over the firm and gives them a feeling that they own in some way a part of the company.
All the programs mentioned above should be monitored by a parallel research that can analyze whether or not the employees who were supposed to leave the company changed minds and stayed in the firm. By doing so, the company will be redirecting the research towards keeping their staff and workforce rather than planning on having them out of the company.

3- Besides its use for HR planning and recruiting, how might invincibility’s data analysis be applied to improving the companies training programs?

Invencibility Systems’ data analysis has influenced greatly the firm’s planning and hiring processes in the past. However, the company also has a chance to use the same method and improve the training programs which are not the strongest area of the firm at the moment.
The first step of a training program in such a firm is to discover who needs the training, which is referred as the needs assessment part. In order to discover such a thing, Invencibility System can use its data found in the research and look at what individuals and departments have the highest rates of turnover. The company

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