Intuitive Surgical Essay

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This paper will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Intuitive Surgical. This paper will analyze which leadership model(s) and practices would encourage innovation considering the global context of the organization. This paper will also assess how the information in the Intuitive Surgical case study does or does not exemplify the five discovery skills. Lastly, in this paper I will assess the actions that the leaders of this organization took to shape culture and processes to be more innovative.
The leadership model(s) and practices that would encourage innovation considering the global context of Intuitive Surgical
Intuitive Surgical is a company that has led the country as the global technology leader in robotic assisted
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This merge helped them to cancel out their biggest competition and lead country with their technological advancements.
Associating, as Dyer, Gregerson, & Christensen (2011) stated, “happens as the brain tries to make sense of novel inputs. Associating helps innovators discover new directions by making connections across seemingly unrelated questions, problems or ideas (pg 23).” I did not notice Intuitive Surgical use of this discovery skill from the case study.
In The DNA of Innovators, “Innovators ask questions to understand how things really are today, why they are those ways, how they might be changed or disrupted (Dyer, Gregerson & Christensen 2011). Intuitive surgical definitely answered a lot of questions by creating the da Vinci robot. With this robot they had to ask and answer a host of questions in order to acquire the precision of their device as they did.
Innovators use the observing skill by carefully watching the world around them so that what they see can help them build ideas for new ways to do things. Intuitive Surgical used this skill also when they came up with their robot. Computer Motion Inc, who they merged with, was the first company to jump into the robotic surgical field which in turn means that Intuitive Surgical watch this method and basically grew their device from a Computer Motions initial idea.
Experimenting is used by innovators when they traveling to new places, seeking new information and trying new

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