Intrusion Detection Prevention System On The Cloud Essay

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Intrusion Detection Prevention System on the Cloud
Cloud computing is quickly becoming an intricate part of our way of life both personal and in the work place. Many organizations have implemented cloud computing into their day-to-day operations. Also, many cloud storage companies offer this same storage option to clients for personal data storage. In his article “The death of localhost and the rise of cloud development” Crunch Network Contributor Tyler Jewell notes that “The cloud has become the default for practically every industry, from storage to transportation to communication to retail. But there’s one fundamental space out of which it has yet to take a bite. Ironically, software development — the process of editing, building, debugging and analyzing code that makes everything in the cloud possible — is still primarily done offline”. Even though this opportunity is steadily growing, the concerns regarding security hinder a wealth of organizations from being totally sold on the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of cloud companies that will secure their networks due to evolving new threats.
Layers of security have been implemented to ensure that pertinent data is properly secured and to allow clients to sleep comfortably at night knowing that their information is secure. One of the layers of security is the implementation of Intrusion Detection Protection System (IDPS). IDPS is comprised of two components—the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion…

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