Intro to Micro Review Questions Essay

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Intro to Micro Review Questions

Review questions are designed to help you study for exams. They are not intended to cover every question that may be on the exam. Questions on the exams may be over any of the material covered in class lectures and in your reading assignments. Review questions are arranged by topic, not by exam. Refer to the Lecture Schedule and your class notes for topics that will be covered on a specific exam.

Introduction to Microbiology

1. What is microbiology? What types of organisms are studied by microbiologists?

the study of very small living things a set of techniques for studying very small organisms

What types of microorganisms are studied by microbiologists?

1. What are the three domains of
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The Baltimore classification system (devised by Nobel Prize winner David Baltimore) assigns viruses to one of seven different groups based primarily on their nucleic acid component – e.g. Group I is double stranded DNA viruses, while Group IV includes single-stranded RNA viruses.

Tools and techniques of the microbiologist

1. What is a compound microscope? Microscope using 2 or more lenses
What is a simple microscope? Microscope using 1 lense
Which kind do you use in the lab? Compound

2. Give examples of how samples of microorganisms are collected. Swab in mouth or in wound, sputum examined, blood or fluid withdrawn, urine or fecal sample collected
Which of these samples will normally include harmless microorganisms, as well as a pathogen if one is present? skin, respiratory or digestive tracts, also samples of fluid
Which should not contain any microorganisms in the absence of infection?

3. How might a sample be contaminated with additional microorganisms that makes it more difficult to identify which microorganisms is causing an infection? What procedures are used to avoid contamination of a sample? Using sterile supplies and containers prevents contamination

4. What is meant by “microbial growth”? Bacteria are multiplying and increasing in population

5. What is inoculation? Placement of something that will grow or reproduce; transfer a sample to a growth medium like agar or broth

6. In

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