Intrinsic And Extrinsic Factors In Students Career Choice

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Register to read the introduction… In her study on why pre-service teachers chose their course, she concluded that there are intrinsic and extrinsic factors that can affect them. Intrinsic motivations include interest in teaching, love of knowledge and passion to teach children. Extrinsic motivations, on the other hand, are composed of pressure from significant others such as family, relatives and teachers, and good opportunities for jobs in the country and abroad. Datu (2012), in his study of personality factors and paternal parenting style and its relationship to career preference of Filipino college freshmen revealed that gender, neuroticism, and authoritarian paternal parenting style is significantly associated with career preference, and neuroticism and authoritarian paternal parenting style as preditictive determinants of career choice. Datu's (2012) study further strengthened the notion that personality and parents affect a student in his or her occupational preferences. However, in Carino-Matthison's (2010) article, it shows that self-efficacy or other contextual supports and barriers such as parental pressure have less influence on students unlike outcome expectations such as expectation of finding a high-paying …show more content…
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She further elaborated this by explaining that “inner self are components that are related to career-life purpose, others to self are components that are related to the influences of others on the individual's career, and the career self are consisted of components that are directly related to career processes” (Virtudazo, 2004, V). From Virtudazo's study, we can conclude that there is an interplay between personality, external factors such as significant others or media, and work outcomes on choosing a career or course in

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