Intrapersonal communication Essay

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Nursing 204- Self Reflective Paper
Nahida Sheikh
September 23, 2014
Dr. Kelly PenzUniversity of Saskatchewan- College of Nursing
In the Article Warrior caregivers: Understanding the challenges and healing of First Nations men, Mussell describes the Medicine wheel as a conceptual framework to guide an individual to understand the four significant aspects of self which includes: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of self (Mussell, 2005). In this paper I have utilized the four aspects of self as an integrated approach to display who I am.
In terms of the physical aspect of myself, the biggest challenge that I have faced was moving out from home. I used to live with my family in Saskatoon and moved to Regina alone a
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My friends I believe are the ones who understand me the most no matter what the situation is. I am able to share absolutely anything with them, especially my best friend, and receive great advice. The most intimate relationship I share with is my boyfriend Dhiren who I have been dating for two years now and being with him makes me feel very loved and a sense of belonging. We share a very understanding trusting relationship where we set limits and boundaries to when it comes to being committed to each other. The several different relationships I have with different people shapes the way I interact with people now because I feel the more I am able to let everything out of me and share it with others, I am able to build on myself in terms of becoming less shy and getting out of my comfort zone to talk to others.
Intellectually, I am always eager to learn and take upon new challenges. I am a type of person who learns very quickly and have always taken great interest in my education. Most of the knowledge I encompass has been taught to me by experience or directly through schooling. My work experiences has allowed me to teach others about my knowledge, for example I used to work in a Math learning center where I helped and guide children from grade school to high school with any math questions. Currently I work in a cellphone store and my work allows me to provide knowledge on the latest technology within the

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