Into The Wind By Jon Krakauer Essay

905 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
There are few Books Written in today’s modern society that brings out both the best, and worst in ourselves as the reader. Into the Wind Written by Jon Krakauer in 1996, is a non-fiction novel-expansion of a 9,000-word essay dealing with the gut-wrenching story of a one Christopher McCandless, titled "Death of an Innocent". The novel was also adapted for film in 2007 and classified as an American biographical-drama-survival film, written and directed by Sean Penn. This extremely unique novel works well to evoke self-reflection and contemplation. In his essay, I will be exploring only three of the many themes expressed in the novel which impose theorization on my behalf.
Chris McCandless and his relationship to his father is a theme which stood out for me personally, almost immediately prior to opening the book cover. It seems to be their lifestyle more than anything else that McCandless is rejecting when he flees the conventional middle-class American way of life, though why it so repels him is never made completely clear by Into the Wild. Though there are clear signs in the novel and film that Chris is appalled by the modern environment of his home life, it is never talked about in full detail.
Separation from family by choice is an aspect of the novel of which I identify quite clearly with. In fact, just this past year I chose to live away from home to accomplish a sort of isolation from my family and my life back home. Into The Wild Forced me to look further into the…

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