Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer Essay

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“Happiness is only real when shared.” was written in Chris McCandless’s journal. The journal was found when the police and hitchhikers found his body in an abandoned bus where he had been living off the land in Alaska. This quote reflects McCandless’ belief because it tells you that he was happy sharing his journey with the people he met along the way. In the book, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer discusses some other explorers that shared the same desire to experience the extremes of life. It tells about the journey that ended with the death of Chris McCandless. Many people were affected by his story. It was a learning experience for many
Chris McCandless and other explorers wanted to experience the extremes of life. Chris McCandless and many of the others that were mentioned in the book, such as Gene Rosellini, John Mallon Waterman, Carl McCunn, Everett Ruess, and Jon Krakauer had similar backgrounds. Gene Rosellini and Chris McCandless both grew up in a wealthy household. During high school and college, they both got good grades. Then Gene decided to leave college and go up to the Alaska panhandle to devote his life to be an ambitious anthropological experiment (Krakauer, 73-74). John Mallon Waterman grew up somewhat similar to McCandless. John grew up in the suburbs in Washington like Chris. Both John and Chris had some family problems growing up as well. (Krakauer, 75-76). John also was an avid extremist that liked to climb mountains. When he tried to climb the…

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