Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer And Later On Saw The Movie Too Essay

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Not everything you see in the movies is real? A common saying that is passed on from time to time. Do you remember staying up all night from watching that scary movie you weren’t supposed to watch, and later realizing that the monster in the movie is not real. Well sometimes it’s hard to realize this and making the initiative to check under your bed doesn’t hurt. Recently I have read a book called “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer and later on saw the Movie too, which was directed by Sean Penn, both categories were really good in their aspects but like one another each has their similarities and differences. Not to mention, I’m here to talk to you about them both and tell you which I prefer better.

Starting with the Movie, as mention before in the text above, it was directed and produced by Sean Penn and later released on (September 21, 2007). The movie begins with a scene of Chris McCandless mother (Billie McCandless) waking up at night, due to the sound of her hearing Chris’s voice calling her name and asking for help. In addition, the same scene happens in Chapter Twelve of the book, however the movie continues on with McCandless in Alaska and finding the abandoned bus. In Chapter One of the book the introduction starts off with a truck driver named Jim Gallien picking up Chris McCandless and driving him up to Denali National Park, before saying goodbye to McCandless, he gives him a pair of rubber boots and a slip of paper with his phone number and says to him “If…

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