Intimate Relationships : The Overflowing Of Friendship Essay

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The Overflowing of Friendship
Part One:

Reading this essay I think Godbeer wanted us to see how intimate male friendships were in the past compared to now. Also learned from this essay is that society is constantly changing whether it be progressing forward or moving backwards.By this i mean, when you look at society now friendships like these are frowned upon. Because society has set the standard that men should not feel this way about another man unless they are homosexual. This is what i feel we are supposed to get out of this piece of work.
What this essay say about gender, sex, and sexuality is that that males can feel the same feelings that society has solely aloted to women.As far as affection for one another and that the affection does not have to be projected from the opposite sex or gender. Furthermore it shows that men were a lot more secure in their sexuality in early america. Because in this piece you see very quickly these men are not hesitant to profess their love for their fellow chums. Which goes back to the point started early for men to do this in America today would make other feel uncomfortable.
If Gobber 's point of this essay is what i think which, is friendship in america now has not encountered evolution. Compared to early america friendships then I think he did a great job getting that across. Why, Because he gives background from letter. And he has uses actual snippet and inserts of the passion and love they feel for one another. Also showing…

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