Essay on Intestinal Disorders And Excessive Blood Donation

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intestinal disorders, or excessive blood donation. Hookworm disease is another important factor in causation of anaemia due to chronic blood loss. The mean daily loss of blood from an Ancylostoma duodenal is 0.15 nil and Necator americans is 0.03ml. In rural areas, post partum haemorrhage on account of poor obstetric spaced pregnancies and prolonged periods of lactation deplete iron stores with each successive pregnancy and this is reflected in the high incidence of anaemia with higher parity. In women, using intrauterine contraceptive device , menorrhagia may result in further depletion of already poor stores of iron.
* Chronic infection - tuberculosis, malignancy etc. Presence of persistent diarrhoea and worm infestations prevents absorption of iron. Apart from inadequate dietary iron intake, impaired absorption due to persistent diarrhoea and other chronic infections are also the factor responsible for anaemia. Iron supplements are seldom accepted by families. Once absorbed chronic diseases like malaria, which causes damage to the red blood cells produces anaemia in endemic areas of malaria.
* Increased requirements Castro-intestinal surgery-In adequate utilization of iron can take place secondary to chronic gastro-intestinal disturbances, defective release of iron from iron stores into the plasma and defective iron utilization owing to a chronic inflammation or other chronic disorder.
* Inadequate health policy/programmes-It is one of the reason behind spread of anaemia.…

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