Interviewing Skills Self Analysis For Professionals Essay

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Interviewing Skills Self-Analysis Individuals such as helping professionals will spend a great deal of time conversing with their clients. However, before becoming a helping professional these individuals will have to be properly trained on the ways to accurately communicate with their clients. One form of communication a helping professional will have with their client is interviewing. Interviewing is a formal conversation, in which the helping professional questions, evaluates, and empathizes with their clients. Although interviewing may seem as if it would be an effortless and uncomplicated process, the difficulty or easiness will vary with the client and the atmosphere that professional provides. It is the job of the professional to make their clients comfortable so that they are willing to disclose a necessary amount of information to actually have a successful interview. The client’s comfort level can depend on the professional’s posture, genuineness, respect, and warmth. With practice, patience, and more experience, professionals will consistently improve their interviewing skills.
Interviewing skills I believe that my interviewing skills did drastically improve from my first interview to my second interview. During my initial interview, I had a difficult time thinking of appropriate questions quickly after the client disclosed an amount of personal information. This contributed to this interview becoming awkward, which I believe made it difficult for the client to…

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