Interviewing People From Different Backgrounds Essays

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For this assignment, we were tasked with interviewing people from different backgrounds. As a person of Arab descent, I tried to find two people with vastly different ethnic backgrounds. The first person I interviewed was a fellow student from University. The student is a male, and his background is Irish and English. The student is an American, but his grandparents had migrated from Ireland over 80 years ago. The second person I interviewed was my neighbor. My neighbor is an American as well, but he is of Indian descent. Given the diversity of my participants, I wanted to discuss topics that would broach the similarities and differences in each culture. The topics that I chose to discuss for the interviews were romantic relationships, the role of males and females in their society, and rituals, norms, and social practices, and family communication. My hypothesis was that my ethnic background would be more similar to my neighbor, and we would have similar social practices based on Eastern philosophies, but that my social upbringing would not be too dissimilar to my fellow student, given that I have grown up living around the culture of the United States, and based on the fact that we are closer in age.
First Interview
For my first interview, I asked the student whether he was in a relationship, and how his family viewed this relationship. The student said that he had a girlfriend and they had been dating for almost a year. His parents did not know much about his girlfriend,…

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