Interviewing Different People From Three Decades Essay

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Interviewing different people from three decades was very interesting and enlightening. Each individual had a different story to tell.
Contrast the three oral interviews you conducted during Lessons 11-13
Beverly taught about life in the 1950s. Beverly wasn’t like a lot of young women in the 1950s because she married a year after graduating high school. She married in nineteen fifty- nine. Domestic Revolutions said, “Young women began marrying immediately after high school.” Terry educated about life in the 1960s. He said, “He was in his second year of college at California State University, when he became a young father on August 25, 1972.” Domestic Revolutions said, “The trend toward postponing marriage, combined with increased rates of college attendance and divorce, meant that growing numbers of adults spent protracted periods of their sexually mature lives outside of marriage.”
Ephanie, received several college degrees because she didn’t marry right out of high school or college. She attended Southwestern College for her undergraduate in Kansas. She also went to the University of Maryland to receive her Master in Chemical and Life Sciences. Ephanie also attended Oklahoma State University to receive her Master in Business Administration and just recently she received her Doctor of Philosophy from the Oklahoma State University.
Contrast the different social roles of the interviews in the families Beverly’s role after she married wasn’t a housewife because…

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