Essay on Interview With Edward Morgan Forster

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Interview with Edward Morgan Forster
Today we are with Edward Morgan Forster, the author of the thrilling, sci-fi novella, The Machine Stops. Written in 1909, this story captures the life where all humans are housed underground. Each human is enclosed in a cell, where all needs, both spiritual and bodily, are satisfied by the machine. Video conferencing with other humans is made via the machine, whereas ideas are conveyed between the humans. The story explores the life of a mother and son, their journeys to meet each other and the eventual downfall of society as whole, due to the collapse of the machine.

What genre would you classify this book under?
When I wrote this short story my intended genre was a science fiction story, however as time has endured, the short story evolved to include an aspect of thriller as it becomes more realistic to the reader.
What did you mean for your Plot to convey?
My Main theme for this text was my own vision of earth in the distant future, where computer development has increased dramatically to the extent where it controls humans. I have exploited the idea of advance developments on computers and technology not only being able to destroy genuine connections with humans, but life itself. I conveyed this through the character Vashti, by exploring how her connection with her son has been destroyed due to the fact she believes that the machine is indestructible. The plot then conveys her ignorance when Vashti says “Can you imagine anything…

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