Interview Is The Practice Manager For The Primary Care That I

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The person that I chose to interview is the Practice Manager for the Primary Care that I currently work at, Aspen Medical Group. The clinic is owned by HealthONE HCA (Hospital Corporations of America), and I have worked for them for the past 3 years under a few different managers. I report directly to her, and she oversees the whole clinic as well as two others. I chose her not only because I get to see her management style and use of resources every day, but also because I believe she does a very good job with all of her employees and clinics. She has worked for HCA for nearly 10 years, and started out in the same position as myself. I had already had a few conversations with her about her work and asked for advice for myself, so I thought she would be the perfect person to interview.

Question: How did you get into the Healthcare field? And do you believe the hire practices are the same for another type of sector?
Answer: I started out in finance, actually, as a receptionist. That was where I really learned the basics of being a member of an administrative team and the ins and outs of general office duties. Eventually I found a job in a Doctor’s office and that’s when I learned I really enjoyed the patient interaction. I have been in the field for about 15 years now, and can’t imagine doing anything else. Administrative work in healthcare is a lot different than other fields; it takes certain knowledge of the practice and the service that is being provided that initially…

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