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reason, it is acknowledged in this research that a well-prepared interview guide is crucial. Within the interview guide, all the items of the interview are included and organised in a certain order with the purpose of promote the flow of the interview. This includes the sections of the interview, task that the interviewer has to do and designed questions with careful wording selection. Although the role of interview guide is crucial in semi-structured interview, it is stressed that the idea of interview guide is “much less specific than the notion of a structured interview schedule” (Bryman, 2004:315).
2.3.2. Interview questions design
As an interview is an interchanged process between interviewer and interviewee through questions and responses, the role of interview questions is prominent in order to help researcher achieve his or her research subjects. Since the research selects semi-structured interview to obtain data, open-ended question and requests are deployed to obtain insights of the interviewee’s opinions and experience. However, in conjunction with the critical dimension of interview stated in section 2.2, the following guidelines for open-ended questions and requests are only considered as the initial suggestions for the formation of the research’s questions. It is emphasised that the list of interview questions needs to be constantly reflexed and refined.
The questions and requests are subject to be used in the body of the interview. The intention is to…

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