Interrogation Techniques And The Myth Of False Confession Essay

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With the help of outdated police interrogation techniques, false confessions are still at an all time high. Blair E. Lacy a well respected police officer with over 25 years of experience, explains ways false confession have been admitted in his opinion editorial “Interrogation Techniques and the Myth of False Confession.” Adam Benforado with “Unfair,” also gives us a great insight on innocent suspects who were coerced into confessing to a crime they never committed. I agree with both Blair and Adam in changing police interrogation procedures and techniques, which are being used to lead innocent people into giving false confessions. Many of the techniques being used for interrogation now are out dated and scientifically proved to not work. The Reid Technique is the most common interrogation method still being used. Detectives using the Reid Technique start off with a “… non[-]confrontational interview, and then ,if [the suspect] appears to be lying and [their] guilt is ‘reasonably certain,’ they proceed to an aggressive interrogation designed to extract a confession”( Benforado 60). As Saul Kassin, a psychologist explains in his academic article,“Yet in laboratories all over the world, research has shown that people are only about 54% accurate in judging truth and deception”(Kassin 250). A little over half of certainty is just not enough to be putting innocent subjects under intense interrogation. When I say intense interrogation, I mean long hours of being abused with…

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