Interpersonal Relationships Sit At The Heart Of The Human Condition

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Interpersonal relationships sit at the heart of the human condition. Much of human existence is motivated through communication with others, including the need to connect with others in meaningful ways. Sometimes, these connections manifest as friendships; in other situations, these connections become romantic. In the twenty-first century, humans have more opportunities and technologies available to them to make connections than ever before, particularly as more people turn to the Internet for social connections (Ansari and Klinenberg, 2015; Caplan, 2003; Caplan, 2005).
Mobile dating applications are at the forefront of developing interpersonal connections. As of November 2016, the dating application Tinder had 50 million active daily users. Those 50 million users check the application an average of 11 times a day and spend a significant part of their day within the application: an average of 90 minutes (Tinder, 2016). While Tinder is currently the most popular dating application available, it is by no means singular (Carr, 2016; Stampler, 2014). Other applications include Bumble, Grindr, OkCupid, and many others, not to mention desktop-based forms of online dating such as Those original online desktop dating sites have become normalized in the technology age: From 2005 through 2012, nearly one-third of couples in one study met their spouse through a form of online dating (Ansari & Klinenberg, 2015). With more people meeting online and starting romantic…

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