Change In Interpersonal Relationships

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“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
― C.G. Jung

Like C.C. Jung stated the participants in all relations are changed by the effects of those relationship whether for positive or negative. It is our responsibility to learn from those relationships to become better people. Within this paper I will be comparing and contrasting two interpersonal relationships. The relationship with my husband I would consider to be successful, and the relationship with my in-laws I would consider to be unsuccessful. An introduction of our relationship we meet at a social function and ended up driving him home that evening. I would periodically see him at Weber State.
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The 1st stage is Latent conflict, this is the simply the potential for conflict which exists in situation. The 2nd stage is perceived conflict, this is where one or more of the parties believe there is a conflict, the perception of what a conflict is changes considerably from person to person. The 3rd Stage is Felt conflict. This is where the parties know there is a conflict and begin to implement strategies to manage the conflict. The 4th stage is conflict aftermath. This is simply what happens after the conflict. Which leads to what most people do, which is to simply avoid it. Avoidance can be done by simply evading the problem or the cause of the problem. In the situation with my mother in law we have discussed and tried to work it out with no resolution, so we have chosen to follow the last stage of conflict and simply use …show more content…
This concepts includes three main points Diversity of Neighborhood, Views of Family / Friends and Cultural Norms and Values. Even though we grew up within close proximity of each other within 20 miles. There is a great diversity between cultural norms for his family and mine. My husband grew up on dairy farm and was required to work starting early in the morning until late at night, that was just the way life was. Coming into this relationship that is what his family expected. However the household I was raised with different back ground, where you work to pay the bills and then you can go play. These two aspects are opposites and can and has created tension within the relationship. I really think that everyone carries with them perceptions or stereotypes of what a person living a certain area is like or what a person working in a certain profession is like. We all have those stereotypes in our minds of what we think someone is going to be like from the limited information we have. The key to all of this is to push away those stereotypes and be able to communicate and know the real person beyond the

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