Interpersonal Process Recording Essay

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STUDENT: Karla Larin GROUP: CA15 INSTRUCTOR: Joyce Wise DATE: 7/27/13 PATIENT (Initials): AG SITUATION: Ms. A was standing in the roof patio during a “fresh air” break on a bench. When my clinical coach approached her asking if it was ok to sit and chat with her once the break was completed. She agreed to talk in her room as we sat on her bed. GOAL: To have Ms. A engage in a therapeutic relationship. I’m hoping to have open dialogue on her experiences on a lock down ward. SUMMARY: 1. Was the goal reached? Explain if the goal was met or not met and include rationale for your explanation. The goal was partially met. I had interacted with the patient briefly on a number of occasions in the dining room
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That’s why I’m here now. I started acting different and that’s why my husband brought me to the emergency room. ( made eye contact and turned away and was guarded) Yes. I’m blessed he is a good man. (nodded head in positive way and smiled with brief eye contact) Hopes she is willing to discuss her social life. Well,

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