Internet Technology And Its Impact On The World Essays

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Introduction Internet history, security and technology are one of our generation technological advancement that influences and moving the world more in to a globalized system. From my personal perspective, I would have tried to state what the benefit of this development is, and what the potential negative impacts are.
What is good about internet technology?
An internet history, security technology has been about just twenty-year’s sins actively existed and become a popular. The internet technology and World Wide Web seems to have changed dramatically since then and money things has been changed around the world very fast and the growth are unbelievable and, today it seems we simply not have a problem to run our business where ever place and whenever time we want without uncontrolled. We buy and selle product from the world online easily and we can even dealing with a small and big corporate business online nationally and internationally have a great interaction government with government, businesses with business and society with a society globally as well. Internets technology developments allow the world globalization an outstanding roll, gave a chance to industrial countries actively reached wherever they like, and especially helped the global trade system where it belongs. The positive and good things that this development are simply allow is world societies are interact easily and communicate with each other globally, this are one of great accomplishment…

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